AC Coil Cleaning

Keep Your AC System Clean

Keep Your AC System Clean

Rely on us for AC coil cleaning services in Mt Holly, Moorestown, Gloucester Township, NJ & Burlington County

Give your air conditioner a deeper clean with AC coil cleaning services from Premier Duct Cleaning. Our experienced team uses UV light to identify harmful contaminants growing on your AC system. Once we've located the contaminants, we'll clean your equipment from top to bottom with an anti bacterial spray. Afterwords, we will install a Ultra Violet light system in the AC unit to kill all volatile organic compounds that live inside the system. Some of which that may have short and long term adverse health effects. Common examples of VOC's in the system are:

  • Benzene
  • Ethylene
  • Methylene Chloride
  • Toluene
  • Xylene


We provide air conditioner coil cleaning services for both residential and commercial clients. Take advantage of our services to get cleaner and healthier air flowing in your property.
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Learn more about our cleaning process

AC coils can host dangerous mold and other irritants that may impact your air quality.

When you hire us for air conditioner coil cleaning services, we will:

Use a special foam that removes all types of debris from your coils
Deodorize your coils to leave a fresh and clean scent in the air
Find and remove mold before it becomes a major issue

Don't forget to take care of the coils in your air conditioner. Find out more about our services when you reach out to us.